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Save Your Lungs By Switching To Vapes

Save Your Lungs By Switching To Vapes

Remember the days of traditional tobacco products, when you walked through a smoke-filled room and smelled like an ashtray when you emerged on the other side?  Vaping now makes such an adventure less pungent by replacing those odors with the light taste of flavored refreshing vapor.  For smokers and nonsmokers alike, the advantages offered by vaping for the cleaner, clearer air we all share has led many to make the switch.  But it is not simply about making oxygen less toxic and full of harmful chemicals.  Vaping allows users to literally plug in to their devices a variety of flavors, most of which are designed to bring out the sweet tooth in all of us, from baked muffins to Maine blueberries, and even cereal milk.  While you can still get the traditional tobacco taste, it is the byproduct that makes vaping a great alternative for everyone involved.

With the plethora of tasty flavors available, the next problem to tackle is how to make these flavors last.  

Here are three ways to maximize your e-juice

  1. Temperature Control.  Make sure the temperature setting is to your liking.  Some like a boiling heat that produces prodigious plumes of vapor, which is quite fun.  Others prefer a slow boil for a longer lasting experience.  Whichever route you prefer, the degree is key!  
  2. Buy in Bulk.  E-juice flavors, as mentioned earlier, come in many sweet varieties, like Muffin Man By One Hit Wonder for example. This makes you feel like a kid in a candy shop!  So once you find something you like, make sure you have enough because running out at key moments is frustration personified.
  3. Long Slow Puffs Are Key.  Vaping is meant to be a relaxing pastime.  Taking strong, short drags can defeat that purpose, potentially damage your device, and leave you with a bad taste in your mouth.

We all want the best in life, including the best vapors tantalizing your taste buds.  Formerly we were all left with the odoriferous concoction of various foul chemicals found in traditional tobacco products.  But if you want this goodness to last, be sure that you also maintain your equipment.  Treat your vaping apparatus like you would a cell phone, and always remember to have your charger with you.  That way you can avoid the sense of defeat with wanting to vape and not having the power to do so.  Also, make sure you clean your device regularly, preferably after you go through each ten ml container of e-juice.  Luckily your atomizer, like the Herakels Sub-Ohm BVC Tank by Sense and other components are small, making washing them snappy.  Following these steps will not only help you get the most out of your e-juice, but will allow you to enjoy vaping for many years to come.

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