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Vapes on a Plane: TSA Regulations for E-juice and Devices

Vapes on a Plane: TSA Regulations for E-juice and Devices

So you just bought some tickets to go visit another city, another state, or another country altogether! How exciting! But wait, you’re thinking to yourself...can I bring my vape with me? I don’t want to deal with nicotine withdrawal while I’m on vacation! And I certainly don’t want to buy a whole new device and juice once I get there just to have to throw it away to come back. Don’t worry! In this article we outline the do’s and don’ts of traveling with vape products and how to do it safely and in accordance with TSA guidelines. We’ve also included a list of countries where the possession of vape products is restricted or completely illegal.

Before you arrive at the airport, there are a few things we suggest you do in order to streamline your holiday. First of all, do you have enough coils for the duration of your trip? Pick up a pack before heading out so that way you’re not scrambling to find a shop in an unfamiliar area. Secondly, we suggest emptying out your vape tank or pod and discarding the vape juice safely. See “Does Vape Juice Expire?” for a list of proper ways to dispose of your vape juice. Why? Cabin pressure inside of an airplane can oftentimes cause the vape juice in your device to leak. If you empty your tank or pod before boarding the flight you can reduce the risk of damaging items in your carry-on.

Your device (i.e. mod, tank, pod system, all in one kit) must be stored in your carry-on in order to side step any delays and so the TSA agents at the gate can find and assess it quickly. You may not store your device in checked luggage. Make sure to turn off your device before storing it away in your carry-on so that it doesn’t fire accidentally or worse, explode. All batteries should be stored in your carry-on luggage as well, preferably in a suitable battery container. If your device has an external battery or batteries it is wise to remove these from the device entirely to avoid any issues.

If you plan on bringing vape juice with you in your carry-on it must be 100mL or less and fit in a clear 1-quart ziplock bag to be pursuant to TSA regulations. Otherwise, you may store it in your checked luggage. If you are bringing vape juice in your checked luggage you may bring as many as can fit in one 1-quart ziplock bag. Another thing to keep in mind, is to avoid traveling with glass containers since these can be deemed hazards due to the risk of breaking or spilling.

Now that you’re safely on the plane with your vape device and juice, it’s important to note that charging your battery on the plane is strictly prohibited and could be potentially dangerous. Also, please don’t be that guy that tries to get away with vaping on a plane. If you are caught it will more often than not lead to an arrest, which is no way to begin a vacation. Remember, these laws are put in place to protect not only us as vape enthusiasts, but the people around us as well. Airlines are being very lenient with traveling with vape products so it is best to not cause a ruckus, be respectful, and hold off on vaping until you reach your destination, exit the plane, and leave the airport.

In Summary:

  • Check to make sure you have enough coils for your trip
  • Empty your tank/pod before arriving at the airport
  • Turn off and store your device in your carry-on
  • Remove batteries
  • Place vape juice (100mL or less) in a clear 1-quart bag
  • Avoid bringing glass containers
  • Don’t charge your battery on the plane
  • Don’t vape on the plane
  • Have a great trip!

Where Vaping Is Banned or Restricted

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