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Top 7 AQUA Vape Juices

Top 7 AQUA Vape Juices

Below you'll find our list counting down the Top 7 AQUA Vape Juices. We hope that this helps you narrow down your choices based off of your specific preferences and makes finding the perfect vape juice easier than ever! AQUA E-Liquid is manufactured by Marina Vape which was founded in 2014 to help people quit smoking cigarettes. AQUA E-Liquid is based in Los Angeles, California where they produce intoxicating flavor blends for your enjoyment. AQUA E-Liquid contains a VG/PG ratio of 70/30 and comes in a 60ml bottle, perfect for use with any Sub-Ohm vape device and coils designed for traditional freebase nicotine juices.

#7: Surge by AQUA E-Liquids

Surge by AQUA E-Liquids sits comfortably at its rightful place of lucky number seven. Surge is a blast of coveted smooth strawberry milk, so if you crave drink flavors you’re going to absolutely adore this flavor. This vape juice is like sipping on a chilled glass of milk with a generous amount of sweet strawberry flavoring poured in for your satisfaction. Surge will keep you coming back for more throughout the day to get a rush of pure exhilaration and delicious relaxation.

Surge by AQUA E-Liquids

#6: Flow by AQUA E-Liquids

Number six is a showstopping flavor that will have you at the edge of your seat. Flow by AQUA E-Liquids presents a tasty trio that is sure to blow your mind! Flow effortlessly blends ripe pineapple, juicy mango, and fresh guava to entice your senses and leave you feeling refreshed. This vape juice will make you feel weightless and free, floating through the alluring clouds above a tropical paradise. What could be more rejuvenating?!

Flow by AQUA E-Liquids

#5: Oasis by AQUA E-Liquids

Our pick for number five will have you soaring above the clouds enveloped in blissful energy. Oasis by AQUA E-Liquids is a tropical amalgamation that will intrigue your palate with every inhale. Oasis combines juicy Georgia peaches, sweet cantaloupe, and fresh papaya to create a tasty trifecta of flavor. This vape juice will take you on an adventure to the middle of a jungle where the sounds of distant exotic animals dance through the air while sweet smells of nature fill your lungs. If you’re looking to experience an unforgettable encounter, look no further than Oasis.

Oasis by AQUA E-Liquids

#4: Rush by AQUA E-Liquids

What better midpoint than Rush by AQUA E-Liquids arriving at number four? This nostalgic delicacy is a treat to tantalize your taste buds. Unapologetically sweet and unbelievably toothsome, Rush extracts the supreme elements of blue raspberry flavored cotton candy that will put you under a spell that enchants your senses and makes you fall into a dream state of childhood remembrance. Nothing could be as satisfying as reliving your youth whenever you inhale this delectable flavor.

Rush by AQUA E-Liquids

#3: Rainbow Drops by AQUA E-Liquids

Number three on our list is Rainbow Drops by AQUA E-Liquids, and for good reason! Get ready to have your senses absolutely rocked by an out-of-this-world fusion of flavor. Are you ready? Rainbow Drops blends juicy strawberries, crisp apples, tropical oranges, and sweet grapes then sprinkles the perfect amount of sour lemon juice on top to create a masterful mixture. This vape juice is like finally finding the end of the rainbow and discovering that the magical pot is full of your favorite assortment of candy flavors just waiting to be devoured.

Rainbow Drops by AQUA E-Liquids

#2: Swell (Sour Melon) by AQUA E-Liquids

Our extremely close second is Swell (Sour Melon) by AQUA E-Liquids. If you love sour sweets this is the perfect choice for you! Swell takes the best of thirst-quenching watermelon and drizzles sour sugar on top for a undeniably decadent experience. Swell will make your taste buds swoon with utter delight from its overwhelmingly refreshing flavor. This vape juice will evoke the feeling of drifting in the ocean on an adorable inner-tube while soaking in the rays of the bright sun overhead - peaceful relaxation.

Swell by AQUA E-Liquids

#1: Pure by AQUA E-Liquids

Coming in at number one, we’ve got Pure by AQUA E-Liquids! This delicious blend combines mouthwatering watermelon, succulent strawberries, and crisp apples to invigorate your senses! Pure will get you through a difficult day, lighten the mood, and keep you going when you need it most. This vape juice will transport you to an island paradise where troubles are a thing of the distant past. You’ll feel like you’re sipping on a light refreshing beverage while the cool wind runs playfully through your hair and your toes graze the warm ocean as it gently rises to meet you.

Pure by AQUA E-Liquids

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