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Our Top 10 Favorite Fruit/Candy Juices Here at Vapeten

Our Top 10 Favorite Fruit/Candy Juices Here at Vapeten

Here at Vapeten, we strive to bring in the highest quality of juices, so in light of that, here's a breakdown of our top 10 favorite fruit/candy juices!


10. NKTR Sour: Apple

NKTR Sour Apple is one of the best executed green apple flavored eliquids we've tried here at Vapeten. As far as sour goes, this juice has just enough kick to prevent it from being too throaty. Flavor is also on point. If green apple is a flavor you've been looking for, this juice is definitely one you need to try.


9. OP Liquids/ Royal Bishop: Lychee Jelly

Lychee is most definitely one of the most difficult flavors to accomplish. Most juices taste to realistic. They usually taste too real. Over at OP Liquids and Royal Bishop, they've teamed up to give the people what they want. Lychee Jelly is one of the few lychee jello cup flavors that we know and love. Well deserved spot in our top 10.


8. Alpha Vape: The Dude

This one is a heavy hitter. Alpha Vape's "The Dude" is a crowd favorite here at Vapeten. Consisting of the finest summer fruits: Peach, Pineapple. and Mango, The Dude is definitely a juice that deserves this high of a ranking on our list.



This one is a classic. OMG WTF has been doing amazing since 2013. Longevity doesn't come without reason. This is one of the very few eliquids that has been able to nail a strawberry sour belt on the dot. If you haven't tried WTF yet, you're most definitely missing out. This has to be on every vapers current favorite juices, or past.


6. Junkie Juice: Refill: Blast

Junkie Juice is one of the original juice lines from Southern California. Refill: Blast is the best Mountain Dew: Baja Blast flavors we've tried here at Vapeten. Definitely worth a try considering how rare it is to find a flavor like this.


5. Naked 100: Berry Belts

This isn't your traditional strawberry sour belt. Berry Belts is one of Naked 100's three newest flavors. In our opinion, it's definitely the best out of the three. With the combination of strawberry, sourbelts, and lime, this flavor is sure to please. Definitely more sweet, not so much sour. This juice is definitely a must try for all you candy lovers out there.


4. Sucker Patch'd: Watermlon/ Nktr Sour: Watermelon

In Fourth, we have a tie! Both Sucker Patch'd Watermelon and NKTR Sour Watermelon both exceed our expectations. They're both delicious and give us that mouthwatering watermelon jolly rancher flavor that we all know and love. No one else has achieved it better. They both differ in flavor, but we love both of them all the same!


3. 7Daze:Selfie Sunday/ Reds Apple Juice

Two very similar flavors made by the same company. It's unanimous. No one else has done apple juice better than these guys. Definitely a crowd favorite. This juice speaks for itself. It's an all day vape so good, that you gotta stock up in bulk to make it lasts.


2. Royal Bishop: Nectarberry

In our opinion, Nectarberry is a well kept secret that we feel should be shared with the public. Nectarberry is a blend of Strawberry, Peach, and Nectarine that is one of the most delicious flavors out there. Definitely one of a kind. This juice is super smooth, and here at Vapeten, we highly recommend giving this flavor a go. Nectarberry definitely deserves a ranking this high on our list because of it's sheer perfection.


1. Liqfix: Gummie Sauce

Last but not least, our number one slot goes out to Liqfix: Gummie Sauce. Based out of the Orange County, Liqfix has brought us one of the best Neon Sour Gummy Worm flavors out there. Nice, Simple, Smooth, and Delicious. Not too sour, not too sweet. This juice is a must try for all vapers worldwide. Because of the quality of this juice, and it's re-vape value, this delicious has rightfully earned number one on our Top 10 Fruit/Candy Juices List!


We hope you guys like out Top 10 Favorite Candy/Fruit Juices. We'd love to hear your opinions and some of your favorite juices, so leave a comment below telling us your thoughts and some of your favorite juices.

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