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How E-Juice Steeping Works?

How E-Juice Steeping Works?

How E-Juice Steeping Works

Whether you have just started vaping or are fast approaching the ‘senpai’ level, you must have heard of, or thought about trying steeping. E-juice steeping has become popular since the past year and what makes it so desirable is that there are various ways to go about steeping the liquids. Generally, people will mix some or all of the five important components during the steeping process – Nicotine, PG, VG, alcohol flavor, and water.

What Is Steeping?

Steeping is basically a process of allowing your e-liquids to rest for a specific period of time that improves the flavor profile as the liquid is smoother, deeper, and denser. I know what you’re thinking, and yes, it does work in some ways like aging wine. When freshly made or stored for a period of time, the denser portion of the liquid will sink to the bottom, but when you shake the bottle, you will homogenize the mixture to perfection. Here is a brief guide on how you can get started with e-juice steeping!

How to Steep E-Juice

The ultimate purpose of steeping is to improve the flavor profile, so don’t experiment with e-liquids that you already love. However, if you would like to experiment and improve the flavor of your favorite e-juices, then don’t be afraid to try. Here is one of the easiest ways to steep e-liquids at the comfort of your home:

  1. Shake the bottles well before storing them in a cool and dark place. Your closet should do!
  2. Check the bottles after a week and shake them well. Do this for two to four weeks until you get the desired smoothness and flavor profile.

Simple, right? You can steep like that before reaching the expiration date. You’ll notice with steeping that the e-liquid’s color is changing as the nicotine gets oxidized by air, regardless of whether the bottle is open or not. There are many variations of steeping, including:

  • Oxygen Steeping – Leave the cap open and let the juice breathe to allow the alcohol flavor to vaporize. Ideal for e-liquids that are too strong for you.
  • Heat Steeping – Want to get improved flavored faster? Heat the liquids at high temperatures that allow them to mix faster. Another way, and much safer one, is to rest the bottle in warm water for at least an hour before you store it in a cool and dark place.

Remember to shake the bottles well each time you experiment with steeping. That’s it for now, but stay tuned for all cool things in vaping!


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