I choose not to smoke cigarettes anymore. It’s my choice and it’s our choices that define us as a person. However, I didn’t have the same mindset as I did only a couple of years ago.

I was smoking, at least 15 cigarettes a day. On days where I didn’t go to work, I would smoke more. My face was starting to look like it needed oxygen badly. My lips were turning from red to dark blackish red to almost black. Lines of smoking were appearing inside my lips and my teeth were in a complete mess. Then again, I couldn’t do without a cigarette every now and then. I was always on the edge, and the puffs made me relax, at least for the time being.

Vaping Is My Choice

In today’s world, there is no right or wrong. What makes a person better is when he commits less wrong than the other person. And when you’re always doing something right, you don’t always end up the happiest.

I’m not an advocate on vaping and won’t become an ambassador anytime soon. However, I choose to vape because I’m addicted to smoke, not smoking. I realize that neither is right in its own regard, but with vaping, I get the sensation of smoking, minus the adverse side effects, the potential of contracting lung cancer, and the bad taste in my mouth.

I feel fresh nowadays. I’m not catching my breath every time I climb a flight of stairs. My head doesn’t feel clouded anymore. In fact, I’m not even edgy nowadays. I’m my cheerful self from the time I wake up to the time I go to bed.

Our Decisions Make Us Who We Are

As I said, I don’t support any kind of smoking and to my children, I will only advise them to stay away from the drag. I realize that while vaping is considered as a ‘safer’ alternative over cigarette smoking, it is, in no way, healthy. Because after all, I’m still getting the nicotine rush that I crave so much.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg though. Vaping, as it is, has the potential to produce even more electronic waste than what we already have. As it becomes more popular and enters the mainstream, more and more producers will phase out millions of vaping kits.

Despite the fact that vaping is a better alternative to cigarettes, it’s a conscious decision you make with yourself to choose either one and I’m satisfied with my choice. There was a time when the best I could do was swim for 5 minutes until I felt my body cramping. Unless I smoked a cigarette, the pain wouldn’t go away. Even after smoking though, you realize that while the pain subdues, your health is only deteriorating over time.

Having seen a lot of lung cancer patients in my life, I know it’s an uphill battle to quit smoking. If vaping can help you eradicate cigarette smoking, then you can be certain that one day you can quit smoking altogether!